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Jul 14,  · Best Answer: Yes Asus TF is faster because it's processor is Quad core GHz vs dual core GHz in new ipad, but with better processor, Asus Price is lower than new ipad/ipad 3. another think you should consider is about flash player, because ipad can not play flash. i have looked at some pages and Status: Open. Available in Royal Blue, Iceberg white and Torch Red*, the ASUS Transformer Pad offers the most stylish choice available in a tablet. *Color availability may vary from country to country. Please check with your local retailer for exact colors. Powered by the world's first Quad-core processor NVIDIA. Apr 25,  · CLOSEOUT ASUS Transformer TF T-B1-BL Inch 32 GB Tablet (Blue) The performance is better than the iPad 3, it's a beautiful device and it offers the unique ability to pop into a keyboard base and "transform" into a laptop. Combine that with it' s low price and Apple is outdone and forgotten. Buy it now/5(K).

Asus Transformer Pad TF vs. the New Apple iPad 3: Specs Compared

The Bad The tablet's design isn't as thin, sturdy, or sexy as the Transformer Prime's and feels a bit hollow in comparison, asus tf300 or ipad 3. The screen isn't outside-friendly, like the Prime's. I have something asus tf300 or ipad 3, lighter, and -- at least on paper -- more powerful than you do. Also: keyboard! And by "some," I mean me. Are those changes enough to diminish the enthusiasm tablet enthusiasts should have for this new tablet? I'll give you a hint: No. Design Again, if you took the Transformer Prime TF, added a few millimeters of girth, replaced its aluminum unibody with plastic, and made it slightly heavier, you'd essentially have the Transformer Pad TF There are a few other design differences, but those are the basics.

The TF measures 0. Those differences are readily apparent although the TF is still relatively thin compared with most tablets ; however, without using a scale, I initially had trouble discerning which was heavier. In fact, the TF weighs 1. Our TF model sported a Royal Blue finish with a finely grooved back and an embossed silver Asus logo in the middle.

Along the right side of the back is a 1. The TF brings over every physical slot and input from the Prime. Along its left edge sit a Micro-HDMI input, a microSD slot, and a volume rocker that protrudes more dramatically from the tablet's body than on the Prime. The 1. The TF now -- even more easily than the Prime did -- slides into its keyboard dock. If you own a Prime, asus tf300 or ipad 3, you can also place it in the TF's dock. Attempting the opposite, though, isn't advised. While technically you can force the TF into the Prime's dock, it never fully locks into place.

Also, you're probably risking damaging the connector by doing so. Officially the TF is not compatible with the Prime's dock, so don't expect much help from Asus if asus tf300 or ipad 3 damage something by going down this ill-advised path. The keyboard dock itself feels identical to the Prime's aside from its plastic body, with the only other major difference being that the USB port has a cover that remains adhered to the device when you open it.

The keyboard still feels comfortable, if maybe slightly cramped for large hands like mine, and while the buttons are smaller than a MacBook Air'sthey're fairly soft and well-spaced. Using this keyboard on a regular basis wouldn't be my first choice, but I could see myself getting used to its somewhat cramped for my hands feel after a asus tf300 or ipad 3. Still, with Asus reverting to plastic, I'm a bit perplexed as to why the TF keyboard costs the same as the Prime's.

The TF also comes with plenty of Asus goodies installed. It also provides remote access to the desktop of a PC or Mac and connects you to the Vibe online music and radio service. The File Manager accesses the TF's root directory, providing easy and organized access to every file on your drive or expanded memory unit. MyNet lets you stream content to DLNA-enabled devices on your network, and with MyLibrary, Asus' e-reader software, you can read and purchase new books directly through the interface.

With SuperNote you can not only type notes, but asus tf300 or ipad 3 notes with your fingers as well. You can also draw graphs and take pictures or video right from the interface. This could be especially useful for taking notes in a class or maybe getting in a little Draw Something practice.

With App Backup you can back up any installed application to the internal storage or microSD card. This makes it so you can reset your tablet without losing apps or app data. Asus tf300 or ipad 3, App Locker lets you password-protect any app on your tablet, preventing anyone from opening it unless the correct password is entered. Via Asus' tweaks to the Android interface, you can choose to run the Tegra 3 CPU in normal, balanced, or power-saving mode.

While in normal mode, the CPU runs at full speed. In balanced mode and power-saving mode, the CPU speed is throttled to save on battery life. This CPU-throttling feature was also on the Prime, and I'm still waiting for other vendors to adopt similar modes, as they are pretty useful. While the TF, like the Prime, allows you to take screenshots with the "recent apps" button, asus tf300 or ipad 3, one of my favorite features of the Prime has been criminally axed.

The Pad TF includes a 1. The Mobile keyboard dock includes an extra battery that -- while connected -- feeds the Prime its power, meaning that the dock's battery will deplete its reserves before the tablet's. However, the USB dongle requires a full USB port, asus tf300 or ipad 3, necessitating the use of the keyboard dock to accomplish this setup.

Also, while our Micro-HDMI cable easily plugged into the TF, moving the tablet around, even a little, dropped the signal to the monitor. This was not something we experienced on the TF Performance The TF's IPS screen sports a 1,xpixel resolution and, asus tf300 or ipad 3, aside from having lower overall brightness than the TF's, is of the same quality, with wide viewing angles, asus tf300 or ipad 3, a satisfying contrast ratio, and no visible color tint problems.

Don't expect iPad levels of clarity or Galaxy Tab 7. The screen feels more responsive than the Prime's when swiping through screens, nearly reaching iPad levels of sensitivity.

Apps load quickly only a hair more slowly than on the Prime and menus pop up in a snap. Also, there's still that great, smooth Tegra 3-induced, frames-per-second screen transition effect when closing apps or swiping through apps and widgets. Thankfully, apps like the Marvel comics app are beginning to take advantage of Tegra 3's extra horsepower by offering smoother transitions between panels in digital comics. Not quite iPad-smooth, as there's still some judder, but smoother than when the Prime debuted.

The TF's Web speeds in the default browser were a few seconds slower than the iPad's when travelling to the same sites; but still a couple seconds quicker than the Prime, on average. Also, when quickly swiping down long Web pages, there was no visible clipping. Thanks to its hardware scalability, I used Riptide GP as a games performance benchmark. The TF's frame rates were just about identical with the Prime's approaching 60fps, with the Tegra-exclusive screen water splashes in tow. The frame rate feels lower than the iPad's, however, and after playing the game on the iPad's high-resolution screen, it was difficult to go back to the TF's "low" 1,x pixels, as much as I love water splashes.

I tested the TF's theoretical download speed using the Speedtest app, with the tablet less than 5 feet away from our closed asus tf300 or ipad 3 test router. The TF delivered performance consistently faster by about 5Mbps than the Prime and was only about 3Mbps behind the iPad.

When I ran the same test through a couple of walls, about 30 or so feet away from the router, asus tf300 or ipad 3, the iPad's lead increased to about 6Mbps and the TF's lead over the Prime decreased to 4Mbps. As a real-world test, I downloaded Angry Birds Spacedelivering the following results. These results are an average of three iterations; all of the three iterations per tablet were within 5 percent of each other. The TF is using the exact same wireless hardware as the Prime, so it's possible that its new plastic casing helps improve Wi-Fi performance over the Prime.

Speaking of which, GPS performance is much improved over the Prime as satellite connections are much easier to find, although signals didn't get to impressively high levels. The 8-megapixel back camera, however, seems to have improved over the Prime's. While I miss the LED flash, what I get in return is a camera that takes noticeably higher detailed shots. The TF is running a different version of the camera asus tf300 or ipad 3, though, asus tf300 or ipad 3, so hopefully some of these improvements will make their way to the Prime, since the hardware is, by all accounts, identical.

Also, image stabilization is lacking compared with the iPad's when performing even slow, methodical pans. It's not terrible by any means; the iPad just delivers smoother moving pictures. I was able to play both p and p movie files from outside sources smoothly on the TF with no problems. The TF's speakers produced fuller, louder sound than the Prime's and even at maximum volume I noticed nary a distortion and no tinniness. Now, you won't be replacing your home-theater-in-a-box with a TF anytime soon, but for a tablet, it delivers pretty soundly I'll um, I'll just let myself out.

I did experience a few random app lockups, but nothing consistent and nothing a quick app force-stop command couldn't fix. Also, once when I connected to the dock, the screen displayed some weird graphical anomalies.

The app shortcuts began to pulsate and the edge of the screen started to "tear. The TF's battery lasted over the course of about two days, matching the Prime's battery life over the same period, with each tablet performing largely the same tasks. Asus claims 10 hours with the standalone battery and 15 hours with the keyboard dock attached.

More tablet testing results can be found here. The chart below reflects the results for the TF's battery life in hours with the mobile keyboard dock.

You also lose the rear camera flashlight and its screen isn't as bright. You do get roughly the same overall speed as the Prime with slightly faster Wi-Fi performance, a better rear camera, and an actual GPS feature that Asus can openly tout on its specs sheet. The TF doesn't lose much compared with the Prime and actually gains in a couple areas. Still, if Android asus tf300 or ipad 3 your thing, the TF's price makes it the current best value for a full-Android tablet on the market.

The latest HD 8 isn't much of an upgrade over last year's model, but the "always-ready" Amazon's big inch tablet delivers serious media chops for less than half the cost of The Surface Go from Microsoft is fun and practical, but not as inexpensive as you might The x2 strikes a nearly perfect balance between laptop and tablet -- at a Chromebook price.

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Jul 14,  · Best Answer: Yes Asus TF is faster because it's processor is Quad core GHz vs dual core GHz in new ipad, but with better processor, Asus Price is lower than new ipad/ipad 3. another think you should consider is about flash player, because ipad can not play flash. i have looked at some pages and Status: Open. Oct 03,  · The Good The Asus Transformer Pad TF's Tegra 3-induced performance more or less matches the Transformer Prime's and goes a step further with a better rear camera, faster Wi-Fi performance, a. Asus Transformer Pad TF vs. the New Apple iPad 3: Specs Compared. By Don Sears, April 23, In , more and more Android-based tablets are becoming available and have some serious ground to make up against Apple's market-dominating iPad. We've already seen the inch Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime hit the market last December.