4 Ways to Fix Android Blue Screen of Death


why does my phone screen keep turning blue

Aug 18,  · A few months ago I started having problems with my screen suddenly turning blue. I hadn't made any hardware or video driver changes. So now, maybe once a day the screen changes to an awful shade of blue, and may stay for a while, or most often, will switch back and forth between blue and normal for a few minutes, and then leaves the screen. Why Does My Computer Screen Tu Home Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help. Why Does My Computer Screen Turn Blue? Turn Screen - Check it out - erguildos.cf Why Does My Computer Screen Turn Blue? My Computer Screen has Turned Sideways Computer Screens Computer Screen Turned Sideways. Jul 05,  · Why Does My iPhone’s Screen Keep Turning On? It can also be distracting, particularly if you’re on a dark room and you don’t want your phone’s screen constantly lighting up. To prevent notifications from turning on your screen, you can do several things:Author: Chris Hoffman.

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Dec 26, 15 38 EMT Florida. You might want to think about factory resetting first and then not reinstalling the ones why does my phone screen keep turning blue listed off. I know its a pain trust me i understand. Nov 5, 63 2 Thanks again, why does my phone screen keep turning blue. Yeah i will back up my stuff and do another factory install. Then i will try not installing those. I was wondering about calwidget too. I hope it stops for you.

That was quite irritating for me. Good luck. Update: i deleted the calwidget app and just turned the nexus 7 on and off. It seems to have eliminated the problem. If it comes back i will post updates. Oct 2, 25 0 Mar 10, 4 1 6 Philippines. I had the same problem of the screen of my Samsung note 2 turning on for seconds every 1 minute and it was draining my battery. I read so many posts on numerous forums. I tried the suggested remedies to no avail for 2 weeks.

What solved the problem for me was when I did a hard reset volume up, power button and home button then I installed my apps in groups of 5 apps at a time to pinpoint if the problem would recur. After so much effort I was able to localize the culprit. The problem recurred after I installed a pedometer application message me if you want the specific app name. After I uninstalled it, the recurring "waking up" of the screen was resolved and I have re installed all my other epps without any screen problems.

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why does my phone screen keep turning blue


Apr 09,  · Check out my my other article on frozen iPhones, which will tell you exactly what to do to fix your iPhone. If the Apple logo doesn’t appear on the screen, keep reading. Let’s Take A Look Inside Your iPhone. iPhone Logic Board. A brief tour of the inside of your iPhone will help you understand why your screen is black. Just lately the top left corner has been turning blue and is spreading to the right side and lower what is it and what. Why is my screen turning blue? [duplicate] Ask Question Asked 4 years, Phone app: what does the blue forbidden sign (with optional blue “A” in front) mean in the call log?. Jul 12,  · Ways to fix iPhone Blue screen of death. Solution No Hard reset. Start with a hard reset. This is a very effective solution if the software crashes, and it also may fix iPhone red screen and iPhone white screen of death. Press and hold the sleep/wake button and the Home button at the same time; Hold the buttons until you see the Apple erguildos.cf: Bogdana Zujic.